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Firearm Owners South Africa (FOSA) is an independent association that assists members nationally to obtain and maintain their Dedicated Hunter and/or Dedicated Sport-shooter Status. Our ethical approach allows South African hunters to earn their firearm license. Members who make an effort to participate in the structured activities of a dedicated sport shooting club, as well as those showing dedication while participating, will be awarded Dedicated Hunter and/or Dedicated Sport-shooter Status.


FOSA Codes Of Conduct

As ethical, responsible & dedicated hunters, sport shooters and firearm owners, our valued members are committed to adhering to our Hunting and Sport-shooting Codes of Conduct. Thereby promoting the proud tradition of hunting and sport shooting, but also preserving it for future generations. These codes of conduct are based on the principle of respect for life and property – both human and animal – thereby ensuring humane, sustainable hunting practices and the safety of people with firearms licenses and those on the shooting range.


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Occasional or Dedicated Hunter?


Becoming a member of a hunting association in South Africa like FOSA has numerous advantages. One of them is that you are immediately recognised as an Occasional Hunter and/or Sport Shooter. Occasional Hunter and/or Sport Shooter means that a person does, from time to time, participate in hunting and/or shooting activities. Section 15 of FCA [Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No 60 of 2000)] provides the (firearm) license to possess a firearm for occasional hunting and sport shooting. When applying for a firearm license, your approval process will run much smoother when you are already a member of a hunting association like FOSA.


Obtain and maintain your Dedicated Hunter Status by regularly participating in dedicated sport shooting Associations like FOSA. This status is higher than that of an Occasional Hunter/Sport Shooter and has certain privileges.

Members with good standing can own more than four firearms under Section 16 of FCA, own a semi-automatic firearm, possess more than 2 400 primers per licensed firearm, and hold more than 200 rounds of ammunition per firearm that is licensed in their name under FCA.


FOSA Services & Firearm License Benefits

Learn more about all the benefits of working with our premium hunting association in South Africa. We make your life easier by ensuring everything you need from firearm license documents to shooting activity is all in one place. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more info, or simply contact us!

Digital Dashboard

The dashboard offers an overview of your FOSA membership, with quick views of current status, upcoming hunting events, firearm license renewals, etc.

FOSA Login

With your FOSA hunter profile you can view or edit your registered details (tel no, address, password, etc.) Upload your ID, download your latest invoice and more.

Dedicated Hunter Courses

Access a wide variety of hunting study material for different levels of membership (Dedicated or Occasional Status).

Hunting & Shooting Activity Log

Log all of your shooting activities in one place, on the go! Compiling your new firearm application or renewing your existing firearm licenses is easier than ever before.

Firearms Licenses

Keep a record of all your firearms and track the expiry dates of your firearm licenses with reminders for renewals. With all this information in one place, it is quick and easy to compile your documentation for submission.

Endorsements for Section 16 Firearm Licenses

Download the necessary dedicated hunter and sport shooter endorsements, membership certificates and other necessary documentation for license applications, etc.


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