Dedicated Sport or Hunt means that a person is granted a status above the normal stature of firearm ownership, by complying with certain criteria of an Association.
The Act depicts that dedicated status can be issued to a member of an accredited Association, only if such member:
o Is fully paid up,
o Is in good standing,
o Have complied to the requirements of the Association,
o Have successfully passed the Association’s theoretical and practical requirements,
o Are in position to comply annually accordingly.

FOSA’s requirements as an accredited Association are easy and relevant to serve the purposes of the Act.
A member must complete the FOSA theoretical online examination and obtain a mark of 60%, where after the member need to physically shoot the required FOSA targets with someone to verify the shooting, and also obtain a 60% mark.
This evidence needs to be submitted electronically to FOSA website for final verification.

For various reasons:
o A Firearm owner who already has 4 firearms licenced to his/her name and wants to licence a 5th firearm.
o Dedicated status will be necessary for an individual who wishes to apply for any Semi-Automatic Rifle or Shotgun.
o If they need to purchase more than 200 rounds of ammunition for their Dedicated Sport shooting or Dedicated Hunting purposes.
o Dedicated Sport or Hunt means that a person obtains a status above the normal stature of firearm ownership by complying with certain criteria.

Yes, you can; Dedicated statuses needs to be maintained every year.
o If your membership is not paid-up and current.
o If you are not in good standing with FOSA.
o If your required activities are not submitted by the 30th of November.
o If your membership has been revoked due to misconduct, following the FOSA disciplinary process.
o If SAPS has actioned a cancellation or declaration against your issued SAPS Competencies.

Yes – the FOSA Constitution allows for membership of other Associations, but also recognizes all SAPS Accredited Associations and the good practises they portray.

FOSA further recognize all activities of a FOSA Member which may have been completed at/or under another Association’s criteria and will enforce the same without any difficulties in applying for the same FOSA status by the member.

Yes. FOSA will renew Dedicated Status of a member if he/she has complied with the “Maintain your Dedicated Status” criteria. These again, are very easy to comply with: Only two physical activities are required to be completed by a member to renew his/her Dedicated Status. These activities need to be completed and submitted before 30 November of each year. Only in very special cases may FOSA EXCO allow for activities / evidence to be submitted after 30 November.

Yes, as long as this is safe to do so and under the firearm owner’s immediate supervision and direct control.

The law is clear on the number of firearms a person may apply for under normal circumstances. All applications need to clearly verify the reasons why these firearms will be needed.

Under normal circumstances anybody may apply for 4 licenses:
o Section 13 of the Act specifically provides for one licence to be issued to a person that portrays a need for self-defence and cannot reasonably satisfy
that need by other means.
This is however limited to only one firearm – either a shotgun or a handgun (the shotgun may not be semi- or fully automatic);

o Section 15 of the Act, covers Occasional hunters/sports shooters, where up to three firearms license applications will be considered.

Section 16 is however different in that it provides for circumstances outside the normal terms:
o Dedicated hunters/sport shooters have no limit to the amount of firearm they may apply a license for; providing that prove of membership and good standing is
obtained at an accredited Association, and that the need to own the hunting or sports shooting firearm is clearly explained in the application.

o You must successfully complete the Firearm Training at an accredited Training Provider.
o You must be in possession of a Training Certificate and a Statement of Results.
o You must be a South African citizen or permanent resident and at least 21 years old (exceptions are made for Dedicated Hunters or Sport Shooters younger than 21).
o You must be mentally stable and fit.
o You will have to pass a SAPS background check.
o You can't have a criminal record.
o You can't be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

It is a declaration letter from an accredited Association, declaring that an individual Member of that Association is in good standing and that the specific firearm they are applying for/or renewing, is fit for the hunting or sport shooting purpose the Member have stated.

An Endorsement letter is further a declaration from FOSA that the firearm specified is suitable for the hunting and sport shooting criteria within the criteria of FOSA.

To apply for a Dedicated Sport / Hunt License, you will need the Dedicated Status membership letter from FOSA, and request an Endorsement Letter, following the prompts from your FOSA profile or the FOSA Website.

o Training Certificates (From the Training Provider and The Statement of Results)
o SAPS Competency Certificate to Possess, relevant to the firearm type
o Fully and correctly completed SAPS 271 Application form
o 2 x decent copies of your ID (Card or Book)
o 2 x colour ID photos
o 1 x copy of your SAPS Competency Certificate
o Proof of residence not older than 3 months
o Photos of your installed safe (all angles, bolts and serial nr in any)
o Copy of the invoice of the firearm purchased
o Decent descriptive Motivation
o Reference Letters to the regard of your person and your characteristics

Additional Documents for Sect 15 - Occasional Sport or Hunt:
o Your FOSA Membership Letter
o Any invitations to a hunt or sport shooting event
o Any proof that you will attend a hunt or sport shooting event

Additional Documents for Sect 16 - Dedicated Sport or Hunt:
o Your FOSA Membership Letter
o Your FOSA Dedicated Hunt or Sport declaration Letter
o Your FOSA Endorsements Letter
o Reference Letters form Hunting Farms where you have hunted in the past
o Reference Letters from members also shooting sport with you

Optional documents:
o A Club Membership Letter
o A Club Calendar
o Appointment letter as Executor / Administrator, if the firearm is on a Will, with copies of the licensee’s ID, firearm license, and Death Certificate

You must successfully pass the prescribed test to prove your knowledge of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 as well as the prescribed training and practical test regarding the safe and efficient handling of a firearm at an accredited training provider.

Once you have received the training certificate and Statement of Results from an accredited training provider, you need to apply for the SAPS Competency Certificate at your SAPS DFO (Designated Firearm Officer) situated in the area where you ordinarily reside (all copied documents need to be certified):
o Completed SAPS 517 Form (Application for a SAPS Competency certificate)
o 2 x decent copies of your ID (Book or Card)
o 2 x colour ID photos
o Copies of your training certificate and Statement of Results
o Proof of address not older than 3 months
o 2 x Reference letters from either a family member, a friend or a colleague
o A reference Letter from your spouse

On application for a SAPS Competency Certificate, the DFO:
o Will take a full set of your fingerprints on the SAPS 91(a) form
o Will issue you with a remittance advice SAPS 523(a) and direct you to the financial office at the police station to pay the prescribed fee.
The payment must be made by means of cash. You will be issued with a receipt (Z263) as proof of payment, which you must return to the DFO.
You will receive a signed acknowledgement of receipt (SAPS 523) as proof that you have submitted an application for a licence to possess a firearm.
o Might carry out a safe facilities / safe storage inspection at your premises to ascertain that you have met the Section 86 requirements.

A firearm license application motivation is a descriptive and individually drafted document that describes the Applicant, the firearm in question, the requirements and intents with the firearm, fully motivates the applicant’s ownership reasoning, and describes the supporting matters, such as safe facilities. Your application for a firearm license must be supported by a motivation letter, among other documents

You need to complete the relevant SAPS form and submit it to the DFO within 30 days of the address change. You can do this by filling in a Notification of change of address (SAPS521)b.

The law clearly states that a licenced firearm can only be used where it is safe to use and for a lawful purpose.

Licenses have to be renewed at least 90 days before the expiry date.

License terms are:
o Licence to possess a firearm for self-defence: Valid for 5 years.
o Licence to possesses a firearm for occasional hunting or sport shooting: Valid for 10 years.
o Licence to possess a firearm for dedicated hunting or sport shooting: Valid for 10 years.
o If you upload your firearm details on your FOSA profile, you will receive a reminder of the renewal date prior to the 90 days.

You must report such crime immediately, and supply full details to the SAPS, on the official forms. You will receive a document depicting the same details, with an official stamp at the police station.

The DFO will make contact with you, and the firearm will be kept by him, until such time that you have the license renewed. Such renewal process will be accompanied by documents form the DFO, stating that the firearm was circulated as stolen and that the renewal is current eventhough the license expired. It is adviced to start such renewla process immediately, and provide provide the case number of the theft. page 88

The license holder must report the loss/theft within 24 hours at the nearest SAPS Station, and thereafter needs to apply for a reprint of the license within 7 days. Keep all documents received form the SAPS handy, as this will be your legal proof of ownership of the firearm if in your possession.

For a SAPS Competency application, the normal requirements in the Act states 21, however:
One can apply for SAPS Competency under the age of 21 if one is gainfully employed to work or use a firearm during employment, or are a declared Dedicated Sport Shooter or Dedicated Hunter.

For the SAPS License application, one will need all the normal documents required:
o One can enroll for Proficiency Training from as young as 15 years old, in order to get the prescribed training certificates.
o One can apply for FOSA Membership form as young as 14, and forthwith compete all the Dedicated status criteria.
o One will need full parental consent and permission.
o One will need to proof that the firearm will be used under parent supervision, and that the storage will be controlled and supervised.

A SAPS Competency certificate remains valid for a period of five years – however, the administration thereof validates the SAPS Competency for the same period as the period of the license to which the SAPS Competency certificate relates. Thus, your SAPS Competency to Possess a Handgun, will last as long as the license of your Handgun, and will be updated / renewed by SAPS when you renew the Handgun license, unless it is required to be renewed by your DFO when you submit your Handgun license renewal.

Members can join by registering on the website, once you have filled in all your details, you will select a membership type and complete the payment online. Once completed the member will immediately have access to their online profile. Dedicated members will have access to their study material on the Dedicated Course page.

Dedicated membership requires the new member to write an online test, it’s an open book test that you can do from the comfort of your home or office. Then they will need to shoot one of the FOSA Targets at any range, take a photo of it and upload it to your FOSA portal to complete the Dedicated Course.

You need to maintain your Dedicated status annually with 2 activities that you need to submit to your FOSA portal, as well as pay the annual fee of R350.

Dedicated Sport-Shooting:
o Hunt & Sport-Shooting Expo/Show
o Sport-Shooting Meeting
o Load Development and/or Reloading Course
o Sport-Shooting Related Activity:
• Long Distance Shooting Course
• Organised Shooting Competition/Event
• Range Officer Duties
• Sport Shooting Target Practice
• Sport Shooting Training Course
• Long Range
• Silhouette
• Veldskiet
• Practical
• Precision
• Defensive
• Clay pigeon (Trap, Skeet and Olympic)
• Tactical & Combat
• 3 Gun
• Multi-gun
• Steel Challenge
• Simulator
• Bench-rest
• Other

Dedicated Hunting:
o Hunt & Expo/Show
o Hunt Meeting
o Load Development and/or Reloading Course
o Hunt & Sport-Shooting Meeting
o Hunt Related Activity:
• Culling (Game Management)
• Damage Causing Animal Control
• Gun Dog Training
• Hunter Training Course
• Hunting
• Hunting Rifle Target Practice
• Sighting of Hunting Rifle Scope
• Other

o Two certified copies of your official identity document (certified copy of permanent residence for a non-South African citizen}
o Original Identity Document
o Certified copy of firearm licence, permit or authorisation for a firearm you wish to renew
o Two recent colour passport-size photographs, not older than three months
o Certified copy of Proficiency certificate/s {Training Certificates} and Statement of Results
o Complete the SAPS 518(a) form in full
o Motivation for renewal {Dependant of DFO Requirements}
o Proof of residence not older than 3 months
o Certified copy of your valid SAPS Competency certificate
o Certified copies of your Dedicated certificates
o Good-standing letter form Dedicated Sport or Hunt Organization
o Relevant and current Endorsement letters for Hunt or Sport
o 3 x Reference Letters: completed by spouse / family member / colleague / friend

The DFO must, take a full set of your fingerprints on the SAPS 91(a) form (only for a competency certificate), issue you with a remittance advice SAPS 523(a) and direct you to the financial office at the police station to pay the prescribed fee. The payment must be made by means of cash. You will be issued with a receipt (Z263) as proof of payment, which you must return to the DFO to ensure that the processing of the application will continue. You will receive a signed acknowledgement of receipt (SAPS 523) as proof that you have submitted an application for a renewal of a licence to possess a firearm, after the entry has been made in the SAPS 86 register.

Renewal of firearm licence: R80,00
Competency certificate: R80,00 {if needed to be renewed}

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