Our members share an unwavering love of nature and a commitment to the sustainability of our wildlife for generations to come. We hunt with compassion and accountability; the protection and sustainability of our wildlife are at our core.

As ambassadors for the tradition of hunting, our members subscribe to this code of conduct that emphasises sustainable, ethical, and humane practices. The principles of this code are founded on our belief that every animal is a living creature and should not suffer unnecessarily.

Humane and sustainable hunting requires skilful attention to detail. We shoot only when it is safe to do so, when the target is within range, and when the animal or bird can be recovered for good use.

In upholding the highest standards of safety and respecting environmental conservation ordinances, our members must:

  • follow all protocols of the provincial ordinances related to hunting;
  • respect the environment, including fauna and flora in all forms;
  • prioritise the safety of people and animals at all times;
  • use the most appropriate firearm and ammunition combination for the type and
  • size of the animal being hunted;
  • only shoot when confident of a killing shot;
  • recover and use hunted animals in a fully sustainable manner;
  • respect fellow hunters, landowners, and conservationists;
  • uphold and strengthen the reputation of hunting as a respected tradition and
  • acknowledge hunting as a privilege that comes with great responsibility to protect
  • people, property, and wildlife.

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