Our members share an unwavering love of firearms, the sport-related shooting thereof, reloading for cost-effective use, and the sharpening of their competitive skills.

We shoot firearms with compassion and accountability in every aspect, whether in solo or group format. As responsible sport shooters, our members subscribe to this code of conduct that emphasises maintainable, principled, and concerned practices. The principles of this code are the ground rules for sport-shooting practices.

In upholding the highest standards of safety and respecting people, lives and livelihoods, property, and the environment, our members will have the appropriate proficiencies, competencies, and licences, and comply with legislation at all times.

As ethical sport shooters, members of Firearm Owners South Africa must:

  • adhere to the Firearms Control Act of 2000 and all amendments;
  • adhere to all shooting range rules and regulations;
  • respect rules, regulations, property, and people;
  • stay up to date with regulatory changes to ensure ongoing compliance;
  • prioritise the safety of people and property at all times;
  • use the appropriate firearm for the type of sport shooting;
  • only utilise FOSA targets to apply for Dedicated Status;
  • respect fellow sport shooters, shooting ranges, property, and rules and regulations;
  • engage in fair and honest sports practices;
  • acknowledge firearm ownership as a privilege that comes with great responsibility;
  • acknowledge that only the FOSA Exco can address the media in any FOSA capacity and
  • acknowledge that their good standing will result from following the FOSA Code of Conduct.

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